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DocuMental benefits

Improved outcomes and quality: Each ‘case’ is directed toward appropriate and comprehensive evaluation in full accordance with existing assessment standards. As a result, DocuMental reduces missing diagnoses or misdiagnoses and guides clinicians in making better informed treatment and other management decisions.

Effective prevention: DocuMental is helping to identify and highlight unmet needs and risks, including vulnerability, discrimination, stigmatization, lack of support, violation, harm, behavioural changes, suicidality, chronic or resistant course, exacerbation, side effects, medical conditions and others.

Improved communication: DocuMental and its public portal are designed to improve communications between mental health teams and service users. Improved communication will diminish worries, reduce stigmatization, increase confidence and improve collaboration, but also prevent missing or inadequate information delivery.

Reduced burden: DocuMental will facilitate mental health service reorganization and resource optimization by reducing administrative and time-related costs and will facilitate improved management and care plans, including hospitalization length and number of visits. Reduction of morbidity and mortality rates and more effective prevention of chronicity and disability will reduce the overall public burden. 

Research and evidence promotion: DocuMental provides unique opportunities for clinical research and scientific programmes in mental health. Due to use of international standards, data searching facilities and interconnectedness it will contribute to increased research activity at local, national and international levels. The promotion of research within mental health services and among users will become more effective. 

Interdisciplinary integration: DocuMental enables integration with other EHR. In particular, it contributes to the integration of mental health care and treatment into general hospitals and primary care services, as well as facilitating continuity of care between different providers and levels of the health system. 

Reduced inequalities and inequities: DocuMental strictly follows local, national and international policies protecting human rights and assuring that, regardless of age, sex, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, and following the principle of equity, persons with mental disorders should be able to access, without the risk of impoverishing themselves, essential health and social services that enable them to achieve recovery and the highest attainable standard of health. 

Impact evaluation and benefits: DocuMental offers several potential outcomes with beneficial impacts for mental health services, patients and the public. In terms of outcome and benefits the main principle of DocuMental is in “immediate result”, which generates added value: every single step forward brings back rewards twice (automated documentation, time-effectiveness, progress overview, accuracy, errors avoid, confidence, cost savings, care and service quality improvements, better response and communication, evidence-based data etc.).