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DocuMental is enabling a new future in mental health.


One in four families has at least one member with a mental disorder. Four of the six leading causes of years lived with disability are due to mental disorders. Nearly 1 million people commit suicide every year. Mental disorders have a large impact on individuals, families and communities. Global costs associated with mental disorders were estimated to € 2.2 trillion in 2010 and are expected to rise to € 5.3 trillion by 2030. Despite existing interventions, guidelines and policies, people with mental disorders worldwide are largely under-diagnosed and under-treated, and often neglected and stigmatized, partly because current health systems have not yet adequately responded to the challenges and needs in mental health.

Rapid progress in innovative digital field and electronic health systems may offer some advantages, which may significantly improve mental health services and clinical outcomes in mental disorders. A recent Estonian initiative, involving collaboration between research, educational, health care and E-health organizations, has led to development of a new digital platform for mental health DocuMental, which is a unique decision support system that provides the highest international standards for assessment and management of mental disorders and integrates indicators for quality, accessibility and outcomes tracking and evaluation in mental health services.